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"We seek the truth," "Finding the truth shall make you free". Enquiry News we produce in depth periodicals. That you will find edifying, entertaining and educational. If you would like to support our calling. You can by sending a donation to: https://www.paypal.me/enquirynews Your donation much appreciated. We are not a 5103C Charity so you cannot write it as a tax deduction.Our books periodicals etc. Every child should read and study to help them become truly educated. Which in my mind is missing or supressed in our schools. Seems to me someone, out their, doesn't want every child to graduate. Even more they don't teach them how to run their own Enterprise. But train them to become good manual labor workers only. Our goal is to change that. First you should know some history, Math, etc then the fun part what can you do in this Global market place and still win etc. With out any further ado,... check back we will be adding more content all the time. Sincerely, Mark A. Felkins CEO