John Marshall History of George Washington

History of President Washington

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written back in 18th-century. Eye poping learning experience. Today does America have what it takes to win wars battles or just cut and run. Start to fight and get tired or if it gets to expensive we bail, or we just talk, talk, talk, sanctions over sanctions but really do nothing. Have our Warships and bombers fly around and buzz our foes and do little else. Abandoned our allies in their worst hour and do nothing but send in inspection people and observers as people die. Where our enemies tell us what to do and give money to our leaders charities and some how that’s not a crime. While millions of people wait there secret sudden swift demise.

You’ll love this book it pulls no punches of what has to be done and what’s allowed the gloves are off death awaits. Read and share. Thanks Mark A. Felkins


Here is your link pdf book file free to read not for resale but share with the world. Wipe away ignorance one person at a time.


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