Sean Hannity born?


I have looked around and cannot find any pictures of Sean Hannity parents!

Most people have a few pictures of there parents.

Cannot find any information on Sean Hannitys Three sisters!

Cannot find when Sean’s Parents, came to America, and where they lived in Ireland?

Pictures of houses, etc including the house Sean Hannity born in, and how did and when Sean Hannity got duel citizenship United States, and Ireland?

What house or houses did Sean Hannity grew up in, before collage, show pictures.

Proof of where Sean Hannity went to in middle school, High School, show his grades! And High School GPA. So far does Not look like Sean Hannity Graduated or attended High School at St Pius Preparatory Seminary in Uniondale New York 1980?

Show pictures!
So Far cannot confirm that Sean Hannity worked or had air time on KCSB FM Radio station as a volunteer in Santa Barbara!
Still waiting for conformation from that station!

2:25 pm May 4th Update just got Twit from KCSB FM that Sean Patrick Hannity is a Alumni …?

How can Sean Be Alumni if he never went to school there?

Sean Hannity , Wikipedia claims he worked construction as a General Contractor in Santa Barbara, But California contractor license board has No such records yet proving that Sean Hannity had a Contractors license!

What bar did Sean Hannity work for, As a Bartender? Show pictures!


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