Sean Hannity lies?

Why do I care if Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and others lie?

Because it distort the Truth and can mislead you into doing things, that you would never otherwise do. Plus if Evil people can get you to do there dirty work for free for them!

Here is an example, I friend of mine’s dad, was taught that the IRS is and was not a ligitamate, government agency!

Anyway He decided not to pay his taxes, and after years later the IRS arrested him, and took everything he had away.

He had to live in a bus with his kids, instead of the million dollar house!  

Any way he never recoverd and owed the IRS I think 3 million caused great hardship for his family!

I reasoned this way, u believe the Government is bad and they will harm you if you don’t pay, boy I would just pay them the taxes just to keep the Government off my back !
So this guy would go around and find other people he would convince them not to pay the Taxes, they would laugh at the letters, court orders, my friend would tell the just throw that paper work in the trash!

Then finally another person loses his house, as the sheriffs put all his personal stuff in the street, as he is crying, and wondering were was his and my friend, because he was told that the Government cannot take his stuff, and my friend no where to be found!

It seemed to happen to the elderly, and disabled, but next week or so my friend found another sucker!

Why because of lies people told them!

So is Sean Hannity causing dissent! I think so !

The Radio and Tv etc are owned by our Government, and are the public air ways! We need to keep our air ways clean, and higher standards for those who speak to us!

Would you let Hitler teach your kids, at school or home?

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