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Click on the link below, our parent company is Felkins Works.

Enquiry News and Felkins Works is owned by me!

All donated money is taxed.

We pay taxes on all donated money.

We are Not a 503c company!
So that we will not have to be regulated.

If you want to advertise on this site email us below.

I am disabled.

ANY money will help us!

To Talk about the past of our Country. and other blogs about money, our system and how you can change your life and hopefully make a great living or more.

Also how to complete with China and other countries around the world!……Yes we can complete! I will help you learn what you were most likely never taught in school!
Why were you not told or taught these things?

I will blog about this latter so keep informed by checking back here!

I hope sincerely to educate everyone about our great country!

There is allot of dissent out there!

What if you believe some of the ideas from Talk Radio or Fake news etc , and you take action, and find later on, that you were wrong or misinformed, or even lied too!

You may be influenced and colored by events and may even feel like life is not going well etc ….because of fake news or misleading information!

My goal is try to get to the Truth!

The Truth Shall Make You free!

What do I mean by this ? Well what if you know in advance that gas has to be rationed or no gas at all… …Yes its happened before! But knowing this before the gas shortage you could get extra gas before… ..This might save yourself and your family and friends!

What could that be worth to you?

This is what I mean by The Truth can help you and may save your life etc… or at least save you allot of grief !

So by supporting US will help others, and who knows it may help you and your family and friends etc.

Any way thank you for your help, just like George Washington did for the poor, and back to the real principles that our founding Fathers kept and taught!


Click on the link below to donate.

If this link does not work make comment and We will send you a link through email.Email me at

Thank you for your support!
Mark A. Felkins

And May My God Bless You! AMEN.


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