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Today I was listening to the Glenn Beck Program on Premier Radio Networks 930 Am KSTE 8:30 Am.

On this show Glenn Beck talked about Russia bankers caught trying to destroy the U.S. dollar, and bad things are coming, buy gold silver etc…

My goal is to talk about our fiat money…I will try to narrow my comments about our fake or real money.

Glenn Beck expressed contriving concocted remarks of the clasped of the U.S. dollar telling people to buy gold silver, causing consternation among the listener’s.

I digress for a moment to explain where I think Mr Beck is coming from should put some light on his elechus….. Mr Beck IS A PAID EMPLOYEE … Mr Beck IS hired on to the Premiere Radio Networks, and gets a pay check, although a large one, Then Mr Beck hires staffers etc.

Next Mr Beck talks about things the Oligarchys want you to hear, and do… if you notice that Talk radio mostly has one point of view, you my hear them say “the left is destroying American” or ” The Progressives are” all coming from the libertarian points of view, check it out you will see most talk radio are libertarians…. of course the Oligarchys do not tell Mr Beck what to say, they put Mr Beck on the air because Mr Beck says things out of ignorance or pure hate for Americans….. the same segments the Oligarchys think and say do etc…

Its dangerous to have just one point of view.

Why ….you ask… would billionaires want you to think bogus information etc,

Here is an example why, your in the store with your kid and your kid asks you to buy a candy bar, you tell your kid no, and offer some explanations why no, like ” I am broke” etc, your child accepts your reason why, but, as you get to the check out…. you buy yourself a candy bar, and your kid is upset why ?…. because your kid now realizes you do have enough money to buy you a candy bar, and could have bought him one too …

The Oligarchys don’t want you to know they have plenty of money…. lets say pay off the National Debit!!
Or others things, they don’t want you to know…like dumping trash somewhere illegally…who knows..

What if you found out that your wages are low because the Oligarchys ..have the money but just don’t want to pay you what your worth… ? All that pain and suffering you had could have been gone…but because someone is selfish etc you cannot own a home etc,…..

I worked for a billionaire he paid me and others crapy wages for years, come to find out he GAVE AWAY ONE BILLION 30 million… instead of paying us better…Y because he can, if people knew he had that much, nobody would have worked for that little…

That’s one reason Oligarchs want Mr Beck to say such biogas statements on the air …….

Glenn Beck is there Class Pet, who thinks he knows what is correct but is harming some Americans, and could hurt the United States Of America then blame it on the Dems or progressives etc…. just to sell some commercials, …..


DEFINITION of ‘Fiat Money’ Currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but is not backed by a physical commodity. The value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demand rather than the value of the material that the money is made of.


This is Adam Smiths condensed book on the wealth of Nations, the most read book in the world……Mr Smith is one of our founding fathers…that helped start this great country!! Set up our banking etc…

I have READ THE full version MANY YEARS AGO AND MANY TIMES…. ITS A trough read to understand, because our words we use now have added definitions etc, …if you have the time must read… and ponder..

In my opinion after your read of our Founding Father wrote about Fiat money will surprise You, who knows… you will then think differently about Mr Beck’s scandalous remarks about this great country…

First off anything can be money, if you traded something for another item, the items your traded is money or Fiat money, our paper dollars are just represent, what we can do with that money… so I had some apples and gave a few pounds to my friend he have me a power saw, I traded because I could see myself cutting some wood to make my wife a picnic table…..

Yep you just gave cheap (money or Dollars) Apples for a power saw, why cheap..because the apples grew on the tree without much effort on my part…. the saw was harder to make…

So what is wealth to you…. house car ? Think of what you want then figure a way to get it…..

MINING GOLD can be tough work, then after you work your ass off the government will trade you cheap dollars for your hard worked gold…..

Our dollar is always backed by goods and services unlike other countries are…. Russia’s government does not for the most part pay its own bills, that’s why knowbody wants its money etc !

Our money becomes worth less every year, why?

The U.S. Treasury sells dollar’s to banks, etc, I give them a dollar they give me a loan for five dollars at an interest rate, normally 3 times the amount I borrowed…… some people think this is wrong,….. money is a commodity…its bought and sold all the time, that is what helps make us rich…. That’s why the dollar is worth or or less is partly because the costs associated with borrowing and resources etc, the price of cheese goes up because of the Costs of making the cheese, NOT because you have more or less money or apples in your pocket, you can print all the Money you want but no cows no cheese!

The United States Dollar will never go away unless the United States is no more….

And the only way that happens if war or huge natural calamity hits us..

If we did get destroyed you do not want gold you want food! No food no life… many a kingdoms did not learn this and starved to death, but had plenty of gold, etc,

Food , water those things you will need, gold and silver you will not beable at that time to buy anyway because it will be to expensive to buy anyway…

I sincerely hope that you spend some time reading about this great country we have, it will lead you many different books on the same subject, this will give you broader knowledge, etc after reading much I then sought out rich people who are successful and tried to learn what that know………

Not everyone who has money or are Rich will tell you how they made it….most wealth is inherited the next big one is they made it from the Government, in someway, then few really make real wealth ….

Mark A. Felkins
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