My Views United States Of America

Today on Twitter, Google plus,Facebook, etc

Some of my Views, First I have noticed a wave of people being hired on The Radio Air waves,

Mostly one point of view, like on Preemie Networks, and Fox News,

Mostly I hear or see people claiming to be Republican,  Democrats, Conservatives, but all or most are really Libertarians!

I can see that some of the Republican party has been over run with these people pretending to be Republicans, but at every chance to destroy the party. Or push there Libertarian ideas on those who are real Republicans !

I also see that in the Democrat party as well, these libertarians are infiltrating both partys.

I see a huge push to take over our media, like on Fox News, Over 500 radio stations, and internet sites blogging about fake news or bias opinionated News. Instead of true reporting ” just the facts mam”

On the radio you hear like Glen Beck being disrespectfull of our voted in leaders, making snide comments, mocking our Government, just flat out rudeness, and more.

Next Rush Limbaugh, doing the something talking over the same News Story, funny they all talk about the same News, how can that be unless someone at the Radio Station is just telling them all what to talk about. strange that out of all the News they all, some how talk about the exact news, with the same brain washing talking points!

At least Michael Savage talks about different news!

Next, you have Sean Hannity, again talking same regurgitated News but the same brain washing points.

All of them talk about don’t trust our Government!

To many people getting free hand outs.

To many people on food stamps, funny they never tell you out of the 49 million on food stamps that have full time jobs! Like airplane pilots, etc, or how many of them only getting $10 bucks a month in food stamps!

Another one my money I earn is mine, get the government out of my pocket!  That’s just nuts,
Our Government lets you Sean talk on the public air ways, that helps you to make 350 million per year in income!

Our Government runs on tax revenue! With out it, Anarchy!

Our Government used to Tax the supper Rich 95 % tax rate… now they pay less than 12%  and they want it even lower!

Throw Grandma out in the street!
That will do it!

The higher Tax rate paid for all the roads clean water, bridges,hospitals, clubs, parks, warships, guns, space travel, h-bomb, librarys, loans, Dams, power, healthcare, dental clinics, plants, farming , shopping, Malls,the list goes on and on!

The poor, that is people or companys who make per year net net, 1 billion or less

Guess what Sean Hannity is considered in the poor category!

The poor cannot pay for all that!

If we don’t start taxing the supper Rich more, things in my opinion will continue to close down, like Malls etc, The military, banks, citys,  and more!

What I would do if I were President Of The United States!

1. Have congress close the loop holes on taxes on the supper Rich!

2. Tax all moneys out side the US 85 % tax rate or a 50% tax rate if they bring the money home!

3. Raise the Tax rate on supper Rich back to 85 % for a while .. after we clean this mess up. Then we can talk about lowering the Tax rate.

4. Then, a 120 or 130 year mortgage made available though the banks all US people no Qualify home or student loans, all people get this loan … one time loan, if you get this loan and sell your house your next loan will have to be on the open market, All business all all people can get some time loan.

5. Banks cannot hold property, like homes etc,

6. Balance the government spending with some exceptions.

7. Build new state of the art military bases on US soil!

8. Stop all spying on American Citizens , unless authorized by 3 judges! Or unless we have some kind of evidence of illegal activities.
9. Secure all our borders better!

10. All people must get a workers permit to work here if not a citizen.
11. Stop deporting ilegal people, help them get the workers permit.

12. Forgive student loans,

13. Lower taxes on the poor !

14. Clean up our city’s.

15. Drug rehab in all major city’s

16. All unemployment office with training for jobs

17. Grants for people who want to own there own small company or want to learn a new trade like cutting hair

18. All people male female after high school required to join the military, for 6 months

19. No more hate speech allowed on News out lets, must hire more than one point if view, no more hate our government.

20. Build votech schools teaching the trades!

21. Think of new ways to punish the law breakers, and reduce prisons population.

22. Re train the the police back to helping the people and less enforcement, work for the people,

23. Help get Drunks home safely, with minor tickets, for taking them home, like a 50 dollar fine instead of jail. Try to be pro active instead of reactive, the fines can be worked off doing community service, or cash, payments etc, as long as you call for help the police will help you get home safely , No DUI fines will not be on your record.

24. Banks must give small loans to the poor,

25. An internet site that you can Donate money to pay down the national debit, all governments must have local state, donate buttons to donate for things our government needs!   All moneys go to what its intended for,

You pay 1 dollar on the national debit you can see it applied instantaneously to the Nation Debit as it goes down.

26 schools students such as gangs or others distracting the class will be removed to special schools operated by the Federal Government located in each town!
Schools are a place of learning not a place to sell drugs.

All towns will have to have a local convention centers, town hall all people will be invited like a town dinner. So people can meet each other

26 free internet for all

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