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They Started the Cato Institute a Libertarian Think tank and own many Corporations, Flint Resources fuel producing, Georgia Pacific paper Co, Guardian Industry’s Glass maker, Invista chemical Co, Molex electronics Co, Koch Ag & Energy Solutions fertilizer, disturbing, electricity maker, Natural Gas, Methanol, Koch pipeline,Time Magazine, they may even own more than this! Anyone of these companies could donate independently!

Guy Marriage.

Jeff Bezos Donates to Libertarians and views himself as one. Supports Guy Marriage. Paid Millions in support.

One of the biggest in donations. And Supporters.

Courtesy of Wikipedia 2018

Since the 1950s, many American libertarian organizations have adopted a free market stance, as well as supporting civil liberties and non-interventionist foreign policies. These include the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Francisco Marroquín University, the Foundation for Economic Education, Center for Libertarian Studies, the Cato Institute and Liberty International. The activist Free State Project, formed in 2001, works to bring 20,000 libertarians to New Hampshire to influence state policy.[287] Active student organizations include Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty.

A number of countries have libertarian parties that run candidates for political office. In the United States, the Libertarian Party was formed in 1972 and is the third largest[288][289] American political party, with over 370,000 registered voters in the 35 states that allow registration as a Libertarian[290] and has hundreds of party candidates elected or appointed to public office.[291]

Current international anarchist federations which sometimes identify themselves as libertarian include the International of Anarchist Federations, the International Workers’ Association, and International Libertarian Solidarity. The largest organized anarchist movement today is in Spain, in the form of the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) and the CNT. CGT membership was estimated to be around 100,000 for 2003.[292]

Other active syndicalist movements include the Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden and the Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation in Sweden; the Unione Sindacale Italiana in Italy;

Workers Solidarity Alliance in the United States; and Solidarity Federation in the United Kingdom.

The revolutionary industrial unionist Industrial Workers of the World claiming 2,000 paying members as well as the

International Workers Association, an anarcho-syndicalist successor to the First International, also remain active. In the United States, there exists the Common Struggle – Libertarian Communist Federation.

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This includes the view that mainstream libertarianism has no explicit theory of liberty. See for instance “New-Paradigm Libertarianism: a Very Brief Explanation”.

“Complexity Economics Shows Us Why Laissez-Faire Economics Always Fails”.


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