DeWayne Craddock Shooting 2019

DeWayne Craddock

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Craddock 40 was a public utilities engineer

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The longtime Virginia Beach public works employee behind the nation’s latest mass shooting put in his two-weeks notice Friday morning, hours before he carried out an attack that killed 12 and wounded four, city officials said Sunday. was a former member of the Virginia National Guard, serving as a cannon crew member. He was discharged in 2002 as a specialist.

DeWayne Craddock was named as the gunman who opened fire “indiscriminately” at the Virginia Beach complex, predicts mass murder, 12 people lay dead, 4 others wounded.

An intern rushed down the hallways shouting “gun, gun, gun” to warn others, a military serviceman helped transport the injured with his surfboard, a police detective was injured during a shootout with the suspect and over 100 first responders arrived.

Police chief, describing Craddock’s shooting as indiscriminate. Craddock’s victims were almost entirely city employees who, like him, worked in the public works department, but they also included one man who was just there to get a permit.

Craddock was described by police and those who knew him as an enigma who gave no indication that he stockpiled an arsenal and planned a systematic assault on his colleagues.

although he was described as reclusive by some Neighbors, “No pet, no wife, no visitors, no nothing,” some say he smoke dupe. “I’ve never even seen that man take groceries up to his apartment.” They said he had one other oddity: Cameras trained from his condominium to the parking lot, seemingly to protect his cars.

he was married on Valentine’s Day 2008 to a woman in Virginia Beach. And a marriage unraveled. Craddock and his wife were divorced in 2017.Craddock’s wife was a “social butterfly” described as the sullen, isolated Craddock’s were opposite.

She may have had breast cancer recently with worry, expenses and stress?

He’s defined by what he didn’t have:

No apparent criminal history, no obvious Facebook or other social media accounts, no manifesto or publicly stated ideology.

He ran a local 5K and his name appears in city notices for a neighborhood website.

A 2008 article in the Newport Daily Press reported that DeWayne A. Craddock had been hired to the site planning and engineering team for a local company.

“Craddock has engineering experience as a project engineer for site design, storm water management, and public and private utility design,” the announcement stated.

He used an employee pass to enter secure areas. Yet, authorities say, Craddock, armed with two .45 caliber pistols and a silencer, entered building 2 of the Virginia Beach municipal center and unleashed mayhem without any clear motive. Before the shooting, co-workers thought he was quiet, polite and a “nice guy” with no warning signs

1996 graduate of Denbigh High School. He also went by the names DeWayne Antonio Craddock and, in high school, DeWayne Hamilton.

. He also went by the names DeWayne Antonio Craddock and, in high school, DeWayne Hamilton.

Craddock’s mother’s Facebook page indicates the family has roots in North Carolina. Old newspaper clippings show she posted multiple classified ads on behalf of a realty. Her recent Facebook posts are about travels to places like Miami, a jazz festival, and the African-American history museum in Washington D.C. There weren’t any publicly visible photos of her son on her page.

Craddock’s parents indicated they didn’t know of any problems he was having at work.

The 12 That Where Gunned Downed And MURDERED!


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