Alien Structures On The Moon!


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What is this? Ancient Steal beams now carbon sticking out of the ground? This is in the moon! Amazing! This structure could be billions of years old.

You can see here the buried steal beams continues underground for awhile. Pictures Courtesy of Google Moon and NASA. Let me know what you think below? Share.


Alien Structures On The Moon!

I found what appears to be Alien Structures in the Moon! Check back for more Structures on the Moon! This one has a round pipe coming out the roof top! Could the this be an Alien home? What do you think?

This picture can play tricks on your mind. Sometimes this picture will look like a crater with a hole in the ground! Other times like a hill with a pipe coming out of the top!

Depending on how your eye catches the photo. Strange. Here is a large pic of the area.

Look below and see the plant root! You can see the root off the ground because it casts a shadow on the ground below! So at one time plants did grow on the Moon.

And these plants are all over the place. Photos Courtesy of Google Moon and NASA.

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What Color Is Our Moon?

Our Moon has many colors not just gray. Most pictures you see are a grey moon. But it’s NOT ALL GREY!

Here is a picture of the moon using different filters, None are Grey! Interesting isn’t it!


Why would NASA not show the Moons true colors?

Ugly Moon all grey. When it’s not! Unreal. Share.


What is it? This was found in the NASA photographs of the Moon ! The creature appears to be dead. Part bug part ?


Looks like it has legs see the arrows.

This would be a big Creature!

Found not to fat from Apollo Missions.

All pictures Courtesy of Google Moon and NASA.

Lot more to be learned from the moon. Did the moon once how life on it?

Wolf Like Creature Found!


A post office called Denton has been in operation since 1888. The town was established at its present site when the railroad was extended to that point.
Denton is located at 47°19′8″N 109°56′48″W(47.318923, -109.946610).[6]
According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 0.76 square miles (1.97 km2), all of it land.
As of the census[2] of 2010, there were 255 people, 120 households, and 64 families residing in the town. The population density was 335.5 inhabitants per square mile (129.5/km2). There were 156 housing units at an average density of 205.3 per square mile (79.3/km2). The racial makeup of the town was 99.2% White and 0.8% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 2.0% of the population.
Walter A. Coslet, science fiction fan and officer of the National Fantasy Fan Federation, lived here.
Don Koehler, one of the few people on record to grow over eight feet tall.
James A. Shelton, Navy ensign who received the Navy Cross posthumously for his service during the Battle of Midway.

The Webster Way to English Grammar


Noah Webster Courtesy of Wikipedia 2018

Here below is a PDF of the old speller back in the day. Websters way taught children better to learn English Grammar. Unfortunately they don’t teach this in our public schools today. Here is the PDF below:

webster-1783 PDF

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