Why The Russian Military Sucks!

You can see by the video that, Russian Military is not up to the challenges of new modern war affair. To take on a serious War with the United States Of America. Photos in this are not to make fun of anyone just to make a point, my apologies to those that may be offended.


Manufacturing Dissent Glen Beck Bible?

Up date I just read a book the Real George Washington, and it said that James Madison, copied an old version of the State Of Virginia ‘s common wealth constitution and edit that document, which became the United States Of America’s constitution!


I believe that on Friday May 30 2014 Glen Beck Radio Show said ” 30 % off The United States Constitution was from Deuteronomy in the bible”!

I cannot find We The People any where in Deuteronomy?

My Question what scriptures in  Deuteronomy contributed to the Making of the United States Constitution.. what scripture and Verses.


Like Chapter 21 talks about Plural Marriage…. and STUBBORN AND REBELLIOUS SONS MAY BE PUT TO DEATH!

I cannot find that in the United States Constitution.
If you know Please comment.

Mark A. Felkins

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