George Washington On Civility Behavior

George Washington Picture From Mount Vernon.


A code of conduct that George Washington wrote down and practiced. How to be a good Gentleman! Great read for any child. Or teenager adult. Not sure where young Washington copied these codes. But they were definitely apart of his life.

George Washington’s Book Civility Behavior 1744 PDF Free Download Click This link below.

Marijuana And Drugs And it’s Harmful Effects! 2018  

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This is why drugs in the United States should never be legal! Dope, is a gateway drug which leads to other more powerful drugs. And then death .


Who Discovered America First? & Forgotten Classic’s


Pour your self some warm drink, snuggle into bed. turn the lights down low. And download one of these free books. I guaranteed you will not be able to put down these great books. Let me know what you think. Mark A. Felkins 2018

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HistoryoftheliteratureoftheScandinavianNorthfromthemostancienttimestothepresent PDF

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